• Pat Irving

Good Mood Food

One of the positives that emerged from my endless scrolling, just after my op, was a post on Charlotte Watts Health. On the Yoga for Digestive Health page, she was offering an advance preview of her new book Good Mood Food, published 24 December 2018.

Well, it’s a bit of an understatement to say I like a good book, and I’ve done some training with Charlotte, so this piqued my interest.

My first challenge was signing up for NetGalley (particularly when I thought I was signing up to NetGallery – spot the difference!). I finally found my Kindle email address (I didn’t know I had one), got registered, created myself a profile and worked out that all I need do was post a review of the book. Then I had a look at what else was available. Child in sweetie shop. Wow!

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